It’s OK Song Pack


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“I used this resource in a school yesterday afternoon across 4 classes and couldn’t more highly recommend it. The children visibly benefitted from listening to a song .. that gave them permission not to feel OK.”

Rebecca Pedlow
Gateshead Music Service Manager and Hub Lead

Although this song can be applied to many situations it was written in response to the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 which turned many of our lives upside-down with lockdowns, restrictions and bereavements. This was undoubtedly a difficult experience for adults and children alike. This song encourages us to recognise and accept how we are feeling and acknowledges the importance of sharing our feelings, whether they are good or bad, with someone we know and trust; “It’s OK if you’re not feeling OK”.

The Song Pack includes;

  • Vocal Score
  • Ukelele Score
  • Teaching activities booklet
  • Lyric video
  • Lyric video singalong Backing Track
  • Lyric and Sign video
  • Lyric and Sign video singalong Backing Track
  • Song and Backing Track mp3's

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