Who we are


Susan Sinclair is a singer with decades of professional singing experience including festivals, concert halls and TV appearances. After starting a family of her own Susan trained as a primary class teacher, taking her passion for singing and performance into the classroom with her. Whilst teaching in a Year 5 class at primary school, Susan found it a struggle to fit all the foundation subjects into the school week, and inspired by the CBBC program Horrible Histories, Susan designed a unit of work incorporating History, Geography, PSHE, English and Music which culminated in the recording of an original song.

For this part of the project Susan employed the services her husband, Adam Sinclair, who just so happens to be a professional music producer and composer.

Susan was struck by how engaged the children were in the whole process and how the creation of a tangible product, their recorded song, solidified the learning process.


Both Susan and Adam identified that a major part of the success of this initial project was engaging them through a familiar medium; contemporary pop music. The more they looked at the currently available classroom music resources, the more they realised that most of them sounded like tracks from 1960’s musicals that composers thought children should like, rather than acknowledging the music that contemporary children do like.

By using their combined professional knowledge Susan and Adam were able to create an original backing track, and subsequently a full song, that reflected the pop music that the majority of children at this age listen to, therefore meeting them on familiar ground.

This has become the absolute foundation and the core ethos of OneMoreSong:


Engage children using a medium that is immediately familiar and comfortable.


Over the subsequent years, Susan and Adam have developed their educational products delivering workshops, holiday clubs, leavers songs and teaching resources.

A key part of the development was the identification of the importance of visual media in the engagement of children, and therefore the incorporation of the creation of music videos to accompany the recorded songs.

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